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Hosting in Australia or overseas?

When it comes to choosing a web hosting provider many Australians believe that they must host in Australia if they want their websites to have a chance of ranking well in search engines such as Google and Bing. This isn't the case at all.

Website owners are able to specify their geographic target location in Google through Google Webmaster Tools. Websites on a .au domain name will automatically have their geographic location set to Australia regardless of the physical location of the server.

Unix/Linux or Windows?

When selecting a hosting plan many people believe that they need Windows hosting because they use Windows on their home or business computers. This is a very common misconception. If your website is built in HTML or PHP then Linux hosting is the way to go - which is the case for most websites. Linux hosting is usually cheaper as well. Windows hosting is typically only required if your website is built in ASP/ASP.NET.

Hosting Providers (US-based servers)

A list of leading hosting providers with servers located in US-based data centres. Hosting in the US is usually cheaper than Australia on plans with comparable features such as storage and bandwidth.

Provider Unix/Linux Windows Pricing *
Bluehost Plans from USD$5.99 per month
Dreamhost Plans from USD$8.95 per month
FatCow Plans from USD$3.15 per month
InterServer Plans from USD$4.95 per month
MyHosting Plans from USD$4.95 per month
Netfirms Plans from USD$7.95 per month

Australian Hosting Providers

A list of leading Australian hosting providers with servers located in data centres within Australia. It's important to note that some of these providers may also have servers located in data centres outside of Australia.

Provider Unix/Linux Windows Pricing *
Anchor Customisable pricing plans
Aussie HQ Plans from AUD$5.00 per month
Aussie Web Host Plans from AUD$19.95 per month
AusWeb Plans from AUD$9.95 per month
Crazy Domains Plans from AUD$6.99 per month
Digital Pacific Plans from AUD$4.90 per month
Dot Excel Plans from AUD$7.00 per month
Geekware Plans from AUD$3.75 per month
iiNet Hosting Plans from AUD$16.00 per month
Nerdster Plans from AUD$9.99 per month
NetRegistry Plans from AUD$7.95 per month
Rack Servers Plans from AUD$6.52 per month
VentraIP Plans from AUD$7.95 per month
Web24 Plans from AUD$6.95 per month
WebCentral Plans from AUD$10.95 per month
Webcity Plans from AUD$5.95 per month
Ziphosting Plans from AUD$3.95 per month

* Some providers may require plans to be prepaid for 12 months

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