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Having a customised email address is a great way to add credibility and an extra level of professionalism to your business. Surprisingly, many Australian businesses fail to do this choosing to stick with a type of address instead. The good news is getting a professional email address is relatively inexpensive and we'll explain how to get it.

Customised Email through Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work is one of the most popular customised email and productivity solutions on the market today. Access to email is through the familiar Gmail interface with users also getting access to other applications in the Google Apps suite including Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Sites but with higher data storage limits compared to the free versions. If for whatever reason you prefer not to use Google, other email solutions are available which we've listed below.

Email Providers

Provider Pricing
Google Apps for Work From AUD$5.00 per user
Office 365 Business Essentials From USD$5.00 per user
Zoho Mail From USD$2.50 per user
Atmail From USD$1.00 per user
FastMail From USD$30.00 per user (annual fee)
Hushmail From USD$49.98 per user (annual fee)

* Pricing is based on a monthly commitment unless otherwise specified. Discounts may apply to annual commitments.

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Email through your Web Hosting Provider

Businesses with a website may already have customised email provided as part of their web hosting package. While this may appear to be sufficient, it typically won't offer the same levels of flexibility and security of a dedicated email solution. If you chose to use a dedicated email provider you will need to ask your existing web hosting provider to point your MX records to the email provider's email servers. Details will be available on the email provider's website.

Setting your MX Records

In order for customised email to work you will need to point your MX records (email records) to the email hosting provider's servers. You will need access to set custom DNS records to do this. Your domain name registrar (where you registered your domain name) should be able to help with this but a fee may be involved. Some registrars such as GoDaddy offer this service for free. Details on setting MX records will be available on the email provider's website.

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