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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions emailed to us from our users.

International Calls

I'm trying to call an Australian mobile that is currently roaming in the U.S. What do I do?

As the Australian mobile number has roaming activated, you simply dial it as you would if they were still in Australia. Their mobile network will redirect the call. An IDD code is not required.

How do I call the UK mobile 07651 123 123 from Australia?

Dial 0011 (Australian IDD code), then 44 (UK country code) and then 7651 123 123 (mobile number without the first 0).

I'm in Malaysia and I need to call a number in Sydney, Australia. How do I do that?

Dial 00 (Malaysian IDD code), then 61 (Australian country code) and then 2 (Sydney area code without the first 0), then XXXX XXXX (local number). For IDD codes for other countries refer to the International Dialling Codes page.

I need to give my mobile number to a friend overseas. How should I format it?

For example, if your number is 0413 000 000 you'd format it as +61 413 000 000.

I'm trying to dial a mobile number in Turkey which starts with +90 but I can't dial the '+' from my landline. What can I do?

Just replace the + with 0011.

I want to call my friend in India but I don't know the country code. Where do I get that?

Refer to the Country Codes page for a comprehensive list of telephone country codes.

International Faxes

I'm trying to fax a document to the U.S. but it's not working. What do I do?

To send an international fax from Australia you will need to dial the fax IDD code which is 0015, instead of 0011. Optus customers will need to dial 0019.

Long Distance Calls

Someone called me from the number 02 8800 0000. Can I tell where they are located?

You might be able to narrow it down to the city. Refer to the Telephone Numbering Plan.

Free Call & Toll Free Numbers

I'm trying to call an Australian 1800 number but I'm overseas. How I can I do that?

1800, 1300 and 13 numbers cannot be called from outside Australia. The company/organisation may have a standard number so see if you can get that.


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