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Australian Domain Name Registrars

Looking to register an Australian domain name? There is a growing number of auDa accredited domain registrars offering registrations ranging from about $20 to $140 per two years.

Although price can vary significantly from registrar to registrar, there isn't really a difference in the actual registration. Well, apart from value added services such as custom DNS management, domain forwarding and email forwarding that some registrars include in the registration price. In reality though, the cost of providing these additional services isn't that high.

International Direct Dial recommends that you shop around for the best deal according to your needs. If you're just registering to secure a name or if you're planning on hosting a website with another provider then the cheapest price would probably make the most sense. If you require DNS services or domain forwarding then you'll need to factor that into the price because the cheapest registrars usually don't include these services.

auDa Accredited Domain Name Registrars

A regularly updated list of auDa accredited domain name registrars that offer a retail, domain name registration service through their website. Registrars that primarily cater to the wholesale or reseller market are excluded from the list.

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